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How to Maximize Study Time Before Your CPC Exam

A lot of students tend to cram before examination time. They tend to study during the last minute, which usually makes it difficult for them to concentrate well. When you cram, you will lose focus. And that can result in you failing the CPC exam. You’ll need to maximize your study time properly if you don’t want to get into this kind of scenario.

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A lot of students have a really difficult time maximizing their study time because they don’t take responsibility for planning their study time. While it is tempting to just study and cram as much information as possible, it may be worthwhile to step back and do a little planning beforehand. Otherwise you’ll be cramming till the last minute, tire yourself out and fail the CPC exam. Here are some tips on how to maximize study time before your CPC exam:

1. Schedule your time – This is probably one of the most essential thing you need to do to maximize your study time. Take some time to sit down and check your schedule. Mark all the deadlines on your calendar such as chores or activities that have to be done. Also, be sure to mark your CPC exam on your calendar and set up a more rigorous study schedule weeks before the CPC exam.

2. Finish all your chores – Getting rid of distractions is important if you want to have a productive study session. All too often chores, texts, emails, and instant messages distract us from the task at hand that make us lose focus. You need to finish all chores so you can truly concentrate on your study. When you are able to focus and concentrate well, you will be able to absorb more and have a better chance at passing the CPC exam.

3. Create to do lists – Another important thing to have is a daily list of tasks that must be completed by the end of the day. Break down bigger chunks of activities such as different topics or chapters to cover into different days so that you dedicate enough time before moving on. Be sure to make the list realistic so that it can be achieved. Prioritize the most essential task that you need to do so you can successfully achieve your goals for the day.

4. Create an easy review system – It is very helpful to create notes or flash cards to help you review and remember. Creating these review materials helps you to jog your memory. If you make them portable, then you can convert a big chunk of idle time into study time, when you’re waiting for a bus or have extra minutes to spare. If your CPC prep materials comes in audio or video format then it makes it a lot easier to digest the information while on the go.

5. Engage in your study activities – Another way you can maximize your study time before the CPC exam is to find ways to make it into a fun and exciting activity. You could have a group study session with your classmates. Not only does it lessen the boredom from studying on your own, but you can review with them and share ideas and tips you might not have realized on your own. Having a mixture of group and solo study time would be best.

With these tips, you’ll certainly maximize your study time before taking the CPC exam. Remember to go at it with a positive and right attitude so you can remain calm and focused and form a good study habit. Having good study habits with the right strategies will ensure that you pass the CPC exam to become certified as a medical coder!

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