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A Look at Muira Puama Extract – One of the Active Ingredients in Extagen For Male Enhancement

Muira Puama, whose name means “potency wood” in the language of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, is a shrub that grows wild throughout most of the Amazon basin. Muira Puama, which is one of the primary ingredients in the herbal male enhancement product Extagen, has been used by indigenous people to treat a wide range of disorders, ranging from neuromuscular issues to sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Muira Puama extract has recently become popular in the west for its noted effects in increasing libido and enhancing erections. This is, of course, the primary reason why Muira Puama was included in Extagen. Danh gia Titan Gel

Muira Puama is usually prepared by treating the barks and roots of the shrub in order to extract the active ingredients. The precise mechanisms by which Muira Puama affects the body are not clearly understood. One reason why there is not yet any firm understanding of the physiological activity of the extract is a fabulously complicated concoction of fatty acids, sterols, essential oils, and other chemicals, and it is not clearly which ones are responsible for its physiological properties.

Many potential users of herbal supplements such as Extagen are initially put off because these supplements do not have legal status as medications and are therefore not typically independently tested. Fortunately Muira Puama, like many of the other herbal ingredients in Extagen, has undergone numerous studies regarding its effectiveness. For example, Muira Puama has been extensively studied by the Sexology Institute of Paris, France. A high percentage of participants in scientifically controlled case studies reported that taking Muira Puama extract was highly effective in increasing erectile efficiency and libido.

Like with any medication, there are potential side effects of Muira Puama. The most commonly noted side effect is insomnia. Some users have reported feeling jittery and having increased occurrences of muscle spasms. No serious side effects have been reported.

Muira Puama, one of the primary ingredients in Extagen, has a long history of use in treating sexual dysfunction by indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin. While only a relatively recent discovery in the west, Muira Puama has quickly become one of the top herbal supplements used in the treatment of erectile issues.

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